"Bad Hair Day" is a Country and Western parody song that Paige and Frankie sang. It was written by Randy Petersen, Eric Friedman, Josh Lehrman, and Kyle Stegina.

It is written in A minor then B flat major


Paige: When you woke up this morning,
and you saw your hair was fried.
You washed it, combed it, curled it,
but it still looked like Einstein.

You tried to showed your head who's boss
You tried to have your way
But there was voodoo in your hairdo.
Frankie (spoken): It's gonna be a bad hair day.
Paige and Frankie: Bad Hair Day.

Paige: You warned the kids at school that
they should run right out of sight.
'Cause your bad hair was angry
and was looking for a fight.

It stole a watch, it stole some cash,
and this kid's fish fillet.
Then you saw the flashing sirens...
Frankie (spoken): I'm having a bad hair day?
Paige and Frankie: Bad Hair Day.

Paige and Frankie: Bad Hair, Bad Hair,
Pushed a cop, down the stairs.
They locked your hair away...
(Frankie: Hey, do I get a phone call?)
Paige (in male voice): It's been a Bad Hair Day.
Male cop (in Paige's voice): Bad Hair Day.

Paige: Your hair got sent to trial,
but your lawyer didn't care.
The judge made his decision, he said...
Judge: Send her to the chair!

Paige: Time to clip those outlaw strands
and finally make them pay.
'Cause today there's no escaping.
Frankie's Hair (muffled): I'm having a bad hair day.
Paige and Frankie: Bad Hair Day.

Paige and Frankie: Bad Hair, Bad Hair,
Change of heart, saying prayers.
It might sound quite cliché,
But it's the legend of the Bad Hair Day.

(Paige cracks her whip, and wraps it around herself)


  • Some have compared the song and video to the classic country song "Ghost Riders in the Sky," written by Stan Jones in 1948, and made popular by numerous country and rock musicians over the years.
  • Part of the song was replayed in the episode "Mom! Stop!"


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