Bizaardvark Shorts is a series of skits featuring Paige and Frankie performing humorous challenges.


  1. BizaArmbox Challenge
  2. BizaArmwrestling Challenge
  3. BizHard Time Music Video
  4. BizaArtists Challenge
  5. BizaArxercise Challenge
  6. BizAnticipation Challenge
  7. BizaaRock Paper Scissors Challenge
  8. BizaArtifacts Challenge
  9. BizaArmed & Dangerous Movie Trailer
  10. BizaArgentina Music Video
  11. BizaArmageddon
  12. BizaAroma Challenge
  13. BizFeet Challenge
  14. BizMoji Challenge


To view the Bizaardvark Shorts gallery, click here.


To view the Bizaardvark Shorts video gallery, click here.

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