We are in deep, deep chocolate bananas.

Chocolate Bananas is the second episode in Season 2 of Bizaardvark and the twenty-second overall. It first aired on June 30, 2017 to 0.83 million viewers.[1]


An embarrassing Bizaardvark video insights a Paige and Frankie moral dilemma when the video unknowingly catches vandalism at the school.[2]


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast 

  • Ross Ryman as Security Guard Clark
  • Garrett Westton as Bondo
  • Cady Walls as Herself

Video Segments

  • Bizaardvark: Messy Musical Chairs
    • Round 1: Cake (Frankie eliminated)
    • Round 2: Lasagna (Amelia eliminated)
    • Round 3: Raw eggs (Bernie eliminated)
    • Round 4: Nachos (Paige eliminated)
    • Round 5: Blue goo (Dirk eliminated)
      • Horse Face Guy wins.
  • DareMeBro!: Can These Be Shoes?
    • Baby potties (Not shoes)
    • Watermelons (Not shoes)
    • Priceless works of art (Shoes)
    • Sub sandwiches (Not shoes)
    • Mac and Cheese (Not shoes)
  • Perfect Perfetion with Amelia: DIY Tips to Break Me Out


  • Bizaardvark Subscribers: 89,007.
  • As this episode was actually produced after the next one, Liam's office is shown in its new location before the Hot Chocolate Bar is destroyed.
  • Horse Face Guy won the Messy Musical Chairs Challenge, by pushing Dirk away.
  • Someone vandalised the school lockers with graffiti saying "School is dumb". Paige and Frankie accidentely recorded the guy who wrote it while filming "Chocolate Bananas". Through out the episode Frankie refuses to show Principal Karen the video, but ends up showing the video, as she expells them for vandalising the school.
  • Bernie and Dirk started a Jazz band.
  • Bernie wanted to tell Dirk that he's his best friend, but were having troubles saying it.
    • When he finally said it, Dirk only said "Thanks", and didn't say the same thing back. Which makes Bernie return to Dirk, then Dirk calls the Pizza Delivery Guy the best. But it ends up with Dirk calling him best friend to Bondo, and Bernie then ends up saying "Thanks" to him.
  • The Security Guard raised suspicion around Amelia when more graffiti was drawn, and the Security Guard saw her leaving the school around the same time.
  • Amelia got two weeks of in-school suspension.
  • It is revealed that Principal Karen likes Ariana Grande.
  • Ariana Grande is mentioned.
  • Frankie and Paige wanted spray-paint the school lockers, while everyone was outside, including Amelia during a fire drill schedule. But couldn't go through with it, and Principal Karen walked in while they were still there, and they were sent to her office.
  • Prinicipal Karen expells Frankie and Paige, but they end up deciding to show her the video. But in the minute, the Security Guard steps in the office, with the real guy who vandalised the school.
  • Paige grabs the USB drive with the video on, and shortly after the Security Guard grabs it from her hand, saying "The cops could need evidence".


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Chocolate Bananas Bizaardvark Disney Channel

Chocolate Bananas Bizaardvark Disney Channel


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