Dirk Andrew Mann is the deuteragonist in Bizaardvark. He is portrayed by Jake Paul. He runs the channel Dare Me Bro!.


Dirk runs the webshow 'Dare Me Bro', where he and his crew create videos where they get dares from their viewers and then do them, so he can be a little wild to some. He is open to any ideas. An example of this is when he attempted to make Bernie "butt heads" with an angry ram. Dirk is shown to be very hyper at times. He will do any stunt suggested by his viewers. He's shown not to be very bright and lacks common sense in most situations.

Physical Appearance

Dirk has brown eyes and blonde hair. He sometimes wears shorts and t-shirts but he has casual clothing.



Dirk and Amelia seem friendly to each other, though they have disagreements sometimes. In the episode "The Collab," the two Vuuuglers collaborate on each other's channels. Amelia makes cookies with frosting, that Dirk uses as war-paint "in case the cookies fight back." Later Amelia tricks Dirk into a makeover disguised as a series of dares.


They are good friends, and seen hanging out, though she often believes his dares are too dangerous.


Frankie is a fan of Dirk's videos. When they first meet, she mistakenly believe that a birthday cake for Dirk is another prop intended to be smashed, causing their friendship to become shaky. Upon the release of "The Comeback Song" with Paige, he and the other Vuuugler's accept her, and they become friends.


As part of an effort to become an agent for Paige and Frankie, Bernie Schotz offers to become one for Dirk, who recruits him as a subject for one of his videos.


Season 1

  1. First
  2. Draw My Life
  3. Frankie Has a Hater
  4. Superfan
  5. The Collab
  6. Unboxing
  7. The First Law of Dirk
  8. Best Friend Tag
  9. Pretty-Con
  10. Halloweenvark
  11. Spoiler Alert: Belissa Returns
  12. Bizaardvark vs. Vicki Hot Head Fuego
  13. Moosetashio: A Cautionary Tale
  14. Control (Plus) Alt (Plus) Escape!
  15. Agh, Humbug
  16. Mom! Stop!
  17. Paige's Birthday is Gonna Be Great
  18. In Your Space!

Appearances: 18/19

Season 2

  1. First Day of School
  2. Chocolate Bananas
  3. The Doctor Will See You Now
  4. Paige Bugs Out
  5. Hawkward
  6. Frankie and Amelia's Fun Friend Weekend
  7. Frankie's Cheating Teacher
  8. Softball: The Musical
  9. Yes and No
  10. Promposal Problems
  11. Halloweenvark: Part Boo!



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