Doctor Dwight Wong is a recurring character in Bizaardvark He is the father of Frankie Wong. He is portrayed by Tom Choi.


The Doctor Will See You Now

Frankie's Cheating Teacher


  • The character was originally meant to first appear in the unaired Season 1 episode, Dr. Wong Doesn't Have Time For Your Sense of Humor, where he would have been played by Victor Chao.
  • He does not pack lunches well.
  • Since the divorce he threw himself into his work, much to Frankie's chagrin.
  • He is the Head Surgeon of Tarzana Hospital.
  • He likes showing Frankie the most unsettling medical images that he encounters at work. 
  • He tries to make an effort to watch all of Bizaardvark videos with Frankie.
  • He will soon re-enter the dating world.


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