"Flying Shoes" is a parody of a song performed by Paige and Frankie It was written by Micki LeSueur. Jeffrey Qaiyum, Rick Gehrenbeck and Typhanie Monique Coller.



Woke up to a funky beat

Got a new outfit

Looking so sweet

My shoes are muddy and old

Oh no

And I got a hole in my right big toe

Shoe repair?

I ain't looking for a fix

Let's hit the shoe store

Time for new kicks

I heard they make shoes for flying

What? No way!

Let's go buy 'em


We want flying shoes

We want shoes that can fly


Can we see your flying shoes?

Everything came to a halt

He said, "Follow me, 'cause we keep 'em in a vault"

Led me and Paige to the back of the store

To a room that said "Flying Shoes Only" on the door

He punched in the code

And to our surprise

There were two pair left

Just in our size

One was all silver

One gold and white

We had our flying shoes

We were ready to take flight


We got flying shoes

We got shoes that can fly



'Cause you know we on fleek

Let's do a flyby

Our friends are gonna freak

You wish you had these shoes

Now what should we do?

Let's pull a u-ey and hit the drive-thru

What do we want?

Two chocolate shakes

Our shoes are acting funny

There's a problem with the brakes!


Into the face

We can't see!

Crash into each other

Then we crashed into a tree


We don't need no flying shoes

Just some shoes that are fly

Let's return these flying shoes

'Cause we're too young to die


Looks like these have been used.

Just normal wear and tear.

From the street.

No problem.

We can take these back, assuming you still have your receipt.

Receipt? Noooo!


  • This is one of the first Bizaardvark videos to use animation for Paige and Frankie on their flying shoes with chocolate shakes crashing into a tree.


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