Francesca Maddison "Frankie" Wong is one of the protagonists in Bizaardvark.

She is portrayed by Madison Hu.


Season 1

Along with Paige Olvera, they move into Vuuugle, a studio for professional video makers. She creates many music videos with her band/group and she loves Vuuugle. She is friends with other Vuuuglers like Dirk and Amelia.


In the episode First, she trys to complete a dare with Dirk not knowing that that was his birthday cake. After doing that, she seemed to be disliked by him. After meeting with Liam, the two girls decide not to do their original idea, the Comeback Song. But when they try to change their video and get stuck thinking everything they did was too weird, they go to VidView without a video. Upset, the girls leave the studio, deciding to quit with Bizaardvark and Vuuugle. But, when Bernie reminds them of their fans, they remember why they make their videos and they resume their original video idea, The Comeback Song.


Frankie is a funny character with a creative mindset. She loves her friend, Paige, and bonds well with her. Paige also seems to really like the Vuuugle Studio, too. She also showed her interest in Blobfish in the episode First.



Best Friend

Paige and Frankie met in kindergarten and have been close friends ever since. They operate a Vuuugle channel which they named Bizaardvark and post videos of themselves performing original comedic songs.


Season 1

  1. First
  2. Draw My Life
  3. Frankie Has a Hater
  4. Superfan
  5. The Collab
  6. Unboxing
  7. The First Law of Dirk
  8. Best Friend Tag
  9. Bernie's in Charge
  10. Pretty-Con
  11. Puff and Frankie
  12. Halloweenvark
  13. Spoiler Alert: Belissa Returns
  14. Bizaardvark vs. Vicki Hot Head Fuego
  15. Moosetashio: A Cautionary Tale
  16. Control (Plus) Alt (Plus) Escape!
  17. Agh, Humbug
  18. Mom! Stop!
  19. Paige's Birthday is Gonna Be Great
  20. In Your Space!

Appearances: 20/20

Season 2

  1. First Day of School
  2. Chocolate Bananas
  3. The Doctor Will See You Now
  4. Paige Bugs Out


  • She is a professional Vuuugler.
  • She is 13 years old.
  • In Mom! Stop! Frankie revealed that her dad is a doctor and is also revealed that he does not pack her lunchbox with food
  • It was revealed in The Doctor Will See You Now, that her mother left the family after the divorce, leaving Frankie in the custody of her father.
  • As seen in her obvious lack of fashion sense, and her attitude towards Pretty-Con, she may be a tomboy.


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