Grandma Schotz is a recurring character in Bizaardvark. She is the grandmother of Bernie.

She is portrayed by Ellen Ratner.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Paige confirms her surname is Schotz.
  • It is not known why she has custody of Bernie.
  • She has been married at least four times.
  • She appears to be using negative reinforcement in her approach to raising Bernie.
  • As she is overprotective, Bernie is constantly on the phone with her.
  • Occasionally, she sends Bernie to a hotel so she can have time to herself.
  • Despite telling Dirk he is stupid for his stunt work, she is fond of him.
  • She allows Dirk to stay in her home.
  • Among her hobbies are apiary (bee keeping), recreational gambling, fight club, and speed walking.
  • She states she used to be a trucker.
  • She claims to have been "a medic during the war" but does not specify which armed conflict she served in.


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