"Let's Go Make Some Videos" is the current theme song of Bizaardvark. It is performed by Olivia Rodrigo (Paige Olvera) and Madison Hu (Frankie Wong). It was written in the key of E major by Matthew Tishler, Eric Friedman, Josh Lehrman and Kyle Stegina.


TV version

You can spend all day on a swing eating a baguette.
But why do boring things like that when there's the internet?
Let's go make some videos! Hey! Hey!
Let's go make some videos! Hey!
You could watch Dirk do some crazy dares, saying here we go. (Here we go!)
He'll do anything you want; just don't try this at home.
Or watch Amelia, teaching ya, how to look your best.
Making over people is her never-ending quest.
You could watch,... (Do you have constant foot odor?)!
You could watch us make ridiculously funny videos!
Like the one with the evil pop up books that punch you in the nose!
Let's go make some videos! Hey! Hey!
Let's go make some videos!
(And I! Aw, I missed it!)



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