Liam is a recurring character in Bizaardvark. He is portrayed by Johnathan McClain.


Liam is the son of the owner of Vuuugle, who speaks through a robot that wanders around the office. He is a graduate of Oxford University. Because of this, he feels degraded by having to work with younger employees such as Paige, Frankie, and Bernie.


Liam seems like a typical Oxford snob. He often reacts with scorn over the kinds of material posted on the internet, including material at Vuuugle.

Physical Appearance





Season 1

  1. First
  2. The Collab
  3. The First Law of Dirk
  4. Best Friend Tag
  5. Bernie's in Charge
  6. Halloweenvark
  7. Agh, Humbug

Appearances: 7/20

Season 2

  1. The Doctor Will See You Now
  2. Friend Fight!


  • His father is the creator of Vuuugle.
  • He acts like a sea captain when he's in his office, as revealed in The First Law of Dirk.
  • He can somehow eat through the robot.


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