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Season 2 of Bizaardvark was announced on December 15, 2016. [1]  Production began on March 2, and wrapped on September 22, 2017. It premiered on June 23, 2017.


The live-action series continues to follow comedy content makers Paige and Frankie and their offbeat online channel “Bizaardvark,” now a burgeoning site on Vuuugle’s prestigious social media platform. The comedy duo have another space to conquer – high school! With their buddies Bernie, Amelia and Dirk, a recent Sierra High graduate and legend – the best friends navigate the ups and downs of high school and the vlogging world.[2]


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


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Confirmed dates

These are episodes that have confirmed titles and dates.

  1. 06/23/17 - First Day of School (201)
  2. 06/30/17 - Chocolate Bananas (203)
  3. 07/07/17 - The Doctor Will See You Now (202)
  4. 07/14/17 - Paige Bugs Out (205)
  5. 07/28/17 - Friend Fight! (204)
  6. 08/04/17 - Hawkward (118)
  7. 08/11/17 - Frankie and Amelia's Fun Friend Weekend (206)
  8. 08/18/17 - Frankie's Cheating Teacher (207)
  9. 08/25/17 - Softball: The Musical (208)
  10. 09/15/17 - Yes and No (209)
  11. 09/22/17 - Science (Un)Fair (210)
  12. 09/29/17 - Promposal Problems (211)
  13. 10/06/17 - Halloweenvark: Part Boo! (213)
  14. 12/08/17 - A Killer Robot Christmas (220)

Unconfirmed dates

These are episodes that have been confirmed, but the airdate is unknown.


  • The cold openings for each episode in this season are different as it starts off with a Bizaardvark video.
  • This season, the characters all attend Sierra High School.
  • The Opening Titles did not change this season.
  • This season premiered on the fourth Friday of June just like last season.
  • Bizaardvark got a new studio this season as they reached 100,000 subscribers.
  • The main cast member Jake Paul, left the show this season.
  • In a vlog where Jake Paul snuck onto the Bizaardvark set during the filming of the season finale, a sign posted on the door of his former dressing room read "Ariel Martin as "Tiffany"", which could possibly signify that there is a new 5th cast member.
  • Some upcoming guest stars were revealed by Just Jared Jr.[3]
    • Baby Ariel
    • Johnny Orlando
    • Alisha Marie


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Season 2
First Day of SchoolChocolate BananasThe Doctor Will See You NowPaige Bugs OutFriend Fight!HawkwardFrankie and Amelia's Fun Friend WeekendFrankie's Cheating TeacherSoftball: The MusicalYes and NoScience (Un)FairPromposal ProblemsHalloweenvark: Part Boo!A Killer Robot Christmas

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